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Brookville Patient Portal

If you’re a current Brookville patient and not yet registered for the portal, it’s a very easy to do. Just call the office, and we’ll send an email link to create your login.  The patient portal services include online well visit appointment requests, access to medical records, prescription refills, and more.

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Saving You Time on Medication Refill Requests:

ADHD, Weight Loss, and GLP-1 Diabetes Medications

We’d like to help save you time when requesting an ADHD, Weight Loss, and GLP-1 Diabetes medication refill.

What can you do?

  • Please call your pharmacy to make sure they have your medication in stock. If they do not, please check with other local pharmacies to see who does. Then call or send us a portal message to let us know where you would like your prescription sent.
  • Now your doctor can send the prescription refill to the pharmacy, and you will have the peace of mind knowing it will be filled in a timely manner.

Note: Pharmacy stock changes daily and doctors’ offices are not informed who has medication available.

Portal Registration Guide

Step 1. Request Portal Access by Calling Brookville

Once we receive your request, you will receive an email with instructions on creating your login.

Step 2. Confirm the patient’s identity

Follow the email link to the portal page. If the patient is a minor,  the parent needs to confirm identity by verifying the oldest patient on the account.

Step 3. Choose your login and password

Step 4. Enter the Portal

Once in the portal, you can request appointments, medication refills, access lab results and immunization records.